Meet Instagram’s new sensation – Victorija Lubyte- Daughter of Ex Prime minister of Lithunia. 

The world of social media has Shown us the true beauty of the world from things to people, we know them all. Adding to the list of the most beautiful things to have happened to our lives is the profile of Victorija Lubyte- Daughter of Ex prime minister siter of Lithunia – Bronislovas Lubys.

Victorija is on a mission, A mission to travel and  live around the world while helping animal welfare and perhaps around the world. How often does it happen that we see so much spunk and sas in an individual that hails from a political background. Victorija clears is the one to break stereotypes. From her aesthetic posts around the world dawning her beautiful smile to her beautiful deeds of philanthropy, she is showing the world the real meaning of the word “Influencer”

Victorija keeps her life extremely private however publishes the part of her life that she wishes for the world to know. Currently, In London, Victorija has taken over social media by a storm by virtue of her out the world posts. Victorija is a true example of “train like a beast and look like a queen”, She doesn’t miss out one day of working out and takes her fitness as her pinnacle of success, A fit Body maintains a fit mind. She believes that the world has complicated the process of fitness by adding many layers, It’s just as simples “move everyday and workout everyday”. In her opinion, The world will be so much better if they practise just moving everyday instead of living a sedentary lifestyle. 

We have given you an overview of her fashion, fitness and philanthropy but we have only indicated Ten percent of everything she does, If today you wish to look perfect and live a perfect life, Victorija Lubyte is your masterclass.

Written by Monella