Meet Your New Obsession: FRANKIE

Looking for your new obsession in pop music? Looking for a new female artist who gives off a fun, eclectic vibe to her music? Well then let us introduce you to FRANKIE!

FRANKIE is a Los Angeles based singer-songwriter recently signed to RCA Records. Her debut EP, “Dreamstate”, was recently released this fall and includes 5 pop songs with a unique and quirky sound. The EP includes the song “New Obsession” which was actually included in Taylor Swift’s list, “New Songs That Will Make Your Life More Awesome”

Meet Your New Obsession: FRANKIE 4

One of us actually had the opportunity to see a gig of her’s live at Brick and Mortar in San Francisco, CA a few months back. She is just as good live as she is in the studio and she really knows how to keep a crowd alive. Her very 90s inspired outfit also made her really stand out

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You can find FRANKIE’s EP, “Dreamstate” on iTunes and Spotify. Also be sure to follow FRANKIE on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for updates on music and gigs!

Written by CelebMix