Meet RXTN: the next Rixton era

Rixton, a four piece band from the UK, have been creeping around like non other in recent weeks. After having a busy first half of the year, complete with releasing a debut album, opening for Ariana Grande and even opening for Ed Sheeran, the British lads seem to have dropped off the radar.

“RXTN” has been introduced. Nobody is quite sure what exactly RXTN is, besides the beginning of a new era for the pop group.

Jake, Lewi, Danny, and Charley have been hinting at new music and have even underwent some not-so-simple changes.

It started with the lead singer, Jake Roche, revealing that they were forced to do a 12 hour live stream in March that they weren’t up to. Roche tweeted out in response to a tweet asking about another 12 hour live stream:

“We got made to do that. This album is just gonna get released. No silly promo. Just real music, from us.”

Besides the live stream and uncomfortable promo, the band changed their username on Twitter, changed their icon and biography.

What could be happening with the “Me and My Broken Heart” singers and what could we expect in the future? Rixton have also revealed that they plan on touring late this year.

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Written by CelebMix