Promotional photo for "breakup with a friend" which sees Meg Smith wearing a baby-blue dress, sitting on a bench looking at the camera as the wind blows her mid-length blonde hair. She is sitting in a park with trees and leaves behind her, and the photo is slightly edited to create a glowing effect around Meg Smith.

Meg Smith stuns listeners with the relatable heartbreak anthem titled “breakup with a friend”

Friendships are some of the best things in people’s lives, and so when that friendship ends, it can be soul-crushing, and Meg Smith has decided to channel all those feelings into this awesome pop song, titled “breakup with a friend”. This is the follow-up to the Sad Girl Version of her previous single “All the Things You’d Ruin”

Meg Smith is a singer-songwriter who currently lives in Brooklyn, New York and uses the iconic place as her inspiration for many of her songs. She started writing songs at age 12 and built up her stage presence and performance confidence when she was 14 by playing shows at coffee shops around LA, then she went on to become a graduate of NYU’s Clive Davis Institute. She’s been building a steady career ever since, building followers and fans with every new single release. She went viral with her single “Cross My Heart I Hope U Die” which was played in episode three of season two of Ginny & Georgia and is also the theme song to Apple TV’s LGBTQ+ vampire TV show EZRA, quickly becoming her most-streamed track on Spotify gaining a huge 8.4 million streams on the platform. Meg Smith also appears in season one of EZRA and is set to appear in season two. Her other releases have gained over hundreds of thousands of streams, with last year’s awesome single “Cautiously Optimistic” being her second most-streamed track on Spotify. Her voice and incredible songwriting skills really showcase her as an exciting rising star and someone to have on our radar.

Written by Ana Yanez, Jackson Hoffman, and Meg Smith, whilst Jackson Hoffman produced the track, “breakup with a friend” is a highly relatable pop-rock song that has a ’00s rhythmic tone mixed with this amazing singer-songwriter’s whimsical vocals. Meg Smith delves into heart-aching lyrics about the ending of a friendship and how all those memories can completely be destroyed and tainted when you’re no longer in a friendship with that other person. She doesn’t hold back both in the lyrics and in the production, adding gritty vocals that are bound to strike a chord within every listener whilst the contemporary pop-rock sound blends with the mainstream popular tracks that are hitting the radio at this very moment in time.

Talking about the track, Meg Smith said: “The biggest heartbreak I ever felt was a friendship breakup. Some people feel like platonic soulmates, so when the friendship ends, it’s overwhelming. I felt like I had to write a song that expressed all the frustration and heartache I felt.”

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“breakup with a friend”, by Meg Smith, is available to download and stream, right now, across all platforms. She is set to be a special guest at Love You Later’s gig at Baby’s All Right in Brooklyn, New York on Monday, May 22, 2023. You can buy tickets on the official Baby’s All Right website right here.

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