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Meghan Trainor ‘THANK YOU’ album review

Looking for a new piece of pop perfection to add to your music library? Well, I think we may have found the album for you. Meghan Trainor released her highly anticipated second studio album ‘THANK YOU’ on 13th May and, let me tell you, it is far from average.

We all loved her debut album, ‘Title’ and were certain that Meghan just couldn’t produce anything better than the smash that is ‘All About That Bass’ or the sassy song of the century ‘Lips Are Movin,’ however, you only need to listen to thirty seconds of her latest album ‘THANK YOU’ to see that she has well and truly outdone herself, with the help of producers such as Ricky Reed, who has also worked alongside Fifth Harmony and Jason Derulo.

Meghan clearly said from the start that this album was for her fans and you get that impression from every song. ‘THANK YOU’ features a wide variety of tracks, one minute it has you dancing around your kitchen, the next it has you crying on your bathroom floor, however, no matter what song you listen to, it is obvious that this masterpiece was created with her supporters and nearest and dearest in mind.

Meghan has a lot of young, female fans and her songs are sure to inspire them. For example, ‘Woman Up’ is an utterly empowering creation which spreads the message that females ought to stand together and can be just as successful on their own without the input of a man. ‘Me Too’ is all about feeling confident and feeling proud to say that you love yourself. ‘Thank You’ is a message to her followers to remind them how precious they are to her and how influential they have been in her success as she would be nothing without them. And then we have ‘Dance Like Yo Daddy,’ a song which encourages everyone to let their hair down and dance like nobody is watching, to live a little and forget about your worries for a while.

The album also features some genius lyrics. We all know Meghan knows how to pen a track as she set the bar with her first album, yet, this time around, she’s come out with even more incredible lines, such as “Simon says go touch your nose but Meghan says touch your toes, I can’t touch my toes.”

Furthermore, ‘THANK YOU’ has some perfect beats, like, seriously, you feel them in your veins! The music itself is on another level and it is a really refreshing album because it isn’t heavy R’n’B, it isn’t rap, it isn’t saturated with emotionally draining ballads, it’s a really fun, exciting album which spreads positivity and just gives everyone a good time whenever they listen to it. It’s relatable too, for example, Meghan’s lyric, “My new Wi-Fi doesn’t seem to work, no, no internet, that’s the worst, and my iPhone always seems to die” in ‘Champagne Problems’ is something we feel on a whole other level.

It is no surprise that this album has already been a success. As it was made available just before midnight, it soared straight to number 1 on the US charts, stealing the top spot from Drake’s ‘Views.’ It is also predicted to outsell ‘Title,’ which sold 195,000 US copies. Friday the 13th isn’t so unlucky for Miss Trainor at all, hey?

So, if you are still undecided as to whether ‘THANK YOU’ is worth the money or not, let us sell it to you in a nutshell…’THANK YOU’ has a deliberately youthful, funky sound which is set to inspire youngsters across the world to learn to love themselves and not take life too seriously. It’s refreshing and cool and is sure to be on repeat at every BBQ throughout the summer months. However, it is still a clear progression from Meghan’s debut with a hint more maturity and we think it’s safe to say that Meghan has now established who she wants to be as an artist and the type of music she wants to create. ‘THANK YOU’ certainly lives up to everyone’s high expectations and we cannot find faults in any areas, whether that’s vocals, lyrics or sounds.

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Written by CelebMix