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Micayl Unveils Haunting Single/Music Video – “Paintaker”

UK-based alternative R&B artist Micayl introduces their single/music video, “Paintaker,” a song delving into the emotional weight of love.

With music being at the epicenter of Micayl’s life, the artist grew up listening to and immersed in jazz, soul, and blues which have become instrumental in shaping and guiding them toward music. Over the years, fresh and more vigorous influences such as Bon Iver, Frank Ocean, Arlo Parks, and Leon Bridges, along with hip-hop and folk left their mark on their sound.

Micayl explains, “As much as my jazz influences inspired me, my folk phase taught me how to structure a song.”

“Paintaker” follows on the heels of Micay’s debut single, “Half Hearted Lover,” which was featured on BBC Introducing, Wonderland, and the cover of Spotify’s Fresh Finds GSA.

“Paintaker” opens on low-slung, shimmering tones, followed by the entry of Micayl’s creamy, evocative voice, imbuing the lyrics with aching timbres. The measured rhythm’s focal point is the fat, finessed bassline topped by shifting, gleaming textures of R&B laced with hints of soul.

“I find my shelter in the raging wind / I seek the beauty in life / I try to follow what they call instinct / With my heart intertwined / I hope I get it by the day I die / I can’t be saving all of these life / Hoping there will be time for saving mine / Truth is I’m not born a butterfly.”

The video, shot in the pouring rain, depicts Micayl dressed in black, standing in a downpour, pouring out his feelings, rife with moving poignancy. Emerging, radiant vocal harmonies imbue the tune with residual hints of aching loneliness and longing.

Undulating on gentle rolling layers, the feel and flow of “Paintaker” project the emotional desolation flooding through Micayl.

Micayl has it going on! “Paintaker” offers elegant washes of scrumptious R&B, simultaneously stylish and alluring, all crowned by the superb voice of Micayl.

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Written by Randy

Randy Radic is a Left Coast author and writer. Author of numerous true crime books written under the pen-name of John Lee Brook. Former music contributor at Huff Post.