Michael Medrano & Steve Grand Try to “Heal” From Abusive Relationship

Los Angeles-based Michael Medrano has been churning out overlooked triumphs in the forms of “Drunk” and “Ignite” over the last few years.

Following a year of silence, the independent artist now partners with country/pop artist Steve Grand for the recently released “Heal”, an impassioned yet somber electro/pop collaboration that stands out from either of the artists’ back catalogs.

“Heal” pulls at heartstrings by shedding light on a failing relationship, often physically and emotionally abusive at times. Both Medrano and Grand courageously acknowledge the damage each have endured at the hands of another, wondering how they will power through the aftermath and trauma. Are the two artists pointing fingers of blame at each other?

As the artists beautifully harmonize, transforming the release into an authentic duet, both use an impressive set of vocal pipes to convey their hurt and confusion about the situation. At the same time, listeners are further exposed to destructive behavior and tendencies.

Grand alludes to a previous fight that escalated more than it should have. Medrano covers up literal bruises with false “I love yous”. “We try to turn this around, we’ll never find common ground, we go in circles again,” they sing on the hook, stuck in a cycle for being oblivious to the writing on the wall.

While the artists navigate the rocky scenario, finding excuses for their unhappiness, “Heal” doubles as a much-needed therapy session. Thankfully, in the end, both Medrano and Grand seem to finally come to the realization that the shattered relationship is not worth repairing, instead ultimately choosing to move on. No more fighting fire with fear.

“Writing ‘Heal’ was me coming to terms with the reality of my toxic relationship,” Medrano says of the new release. “For me, ‘Heal’ is the first time I’ve allowed myself to be 100% honest in my art. I didn’t write for anyone but myself this time; I hope listeners will also find the same peace I found in these lyrics.”

With some exposure and attention from Grand’s eager fan base — this is an artist who had his debut album successfully funded through fan-backed Kickstarter — “Heal” could boost the profiles of both artists. Medrano’s sharp and narrative songwriting skills will find a larger audience to impress, while the slightly more uptempo production continues the “Walking” crooner’s desire to step outside of his country-leaning confines.

Ultimately, the track is a home run. Tragic beauty wrapped in soothing, reflective vocals.

What are your thoughts? Does “Heal” properly capture the effects of a toxic relationship?

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Written by Luis Gonzalez

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