Mikolas Josef releases the music video for “Abu Dhabi”

Mikolas Josef, who represented the Czech Republic in Eurovision Song Contest 2018 and became the most successful entry by the country, has now released a new music video.

On 31st January, Josef released the music video for his song “Abu Dhabi”. Earlier, he released his song “ Me Gusta” which as reported by WIWI Bloggs, also won the 2018 OGAE Video Contest.

Backed with eastern sounds, “Abu Dhabi” is a pop-funk pop song. The exoticism of the place finds its place in the vibe of the song as Josef flaunts his high fashion and requests his girlfriend to choose an “exotic” place for a vacation. Josef’s dance moves add a layer to the goofy single. It’s the kind of song that one will definitely find themselves grooving to.

Josef began his career as a street performer and released his first single “Hands Bloody” in the year 2015. Within four years, Josef has not only garnered his nation’s attention but also International fame. The singer-songwriter is now signed with Sony Music and DCA Records. The recording deal which Josef signed in April 2018 will surely bring more opportunities for the singer.

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