Millions are given to support Aussie veterans through Classics For A Cause

Classics For A Cause by Tom Bailey and his brother Edward positively impacts the lives of veterans nationally and exists as a giveaway company to create new veteran initiatives.

A closer look around us will let us know how things have constantly changed across varied industries of the world in more ways than one. Therefore, it is essential to understand the forces that have led these industries to consistently grow and reach their success goals. Many high-performing, talented beings, entrepreneurs, progressive thinkers, and innovators are to be credited for the same. Tom Bailey is one among them to have made a prominent name for himself as a compassionate soul, running successful companies in the healthcare niche and the one to passionately work to improve the mental health of Aussie veterans.

This man, along with his brother Edward in 2019, founded Classics For A Cause, which has gained all the buzz for rising as a fundraising platform and a one-of-a-kind cause to support Aussie veterans. It has grown as a giveaway company that believes in strongly impacting the lives of Aussie veterans and creating new veteran initiatives, which is why they are giving away classic cars as a cause to donate thousands of dollars toward Aussie charities and helping the whole of the veteran community.

Tom Bailey had started working in community healthcare and pharmacy and helping patients on a one-on-one basis. Later, he decided to create better systems, software, and marketing in the healthcare space to improve patient outcomes and use those tools to help people on a much bigger level, which led him to develop Classics For A Cause. Every month, they help thousands of Aussie veterans connect to health services that they can access for free and connect them to healthcare services that they really need to improve their well-being and lives.

The challenge on their path was constantly finding ways to help Aussie veterans with their healthcare and empowering them to help themselves through knowledge and accessibility. Their mission is to provide them with quality healthcare services, but the main challenge is making them aware of these services for them to access them in a streamlined way. They are thus building new technology and software and continue to invest millions of dollars in marketing per year to create more awareness for these services Australia-wide.

In the next few years, they wish to donate more than $10 million dollars to veteran charities and continue helping thousands of veterans every month with their health needs. They aim to give away 40 classic cars a year back to their supporters and open five veteran super clinics in the Southeast Queensland area, build 10 more veteran medical vans and service veterans in rural and remote areas, and 4 veteran hospitals to serve veterans with higher clinical needs with in-patient and out-patient programs.

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Written by Peter Jones