Minke Releases Debut EP “The Tearoom”

London’s rising artist Minke, who first came to attention with her 2017 critically acclaimed single “Gold Angel”, has released a seven-track EP titled The Tearoom.

The EP includes the previously released singles “Gold Angel”, “Maybe 25”, “Something Better”, and “Too Late”, plus 3 new tracks titled “Another Me”, “Frantic Love”, and “Bite The Bullet”. Each song has a significant meaning to Minke, who chronicles her experiences traveling in and out of London within a two-year period to follow her musical dreams and dealing with two breakups in the process.

“It was a time of upheaval,” Minke says. “When I listened back to the EP, I didn’t realize how much I was writing about relationships—as well as just being heartbroken. There are many angles to it.”

After the release of her EP, Minke set foot on the SXSW stage in Austin, Texas for the first time to perform a medley of her songs. These special performances within a three-day period came before heading back to Los Angeles for a headlining show at the Hotel Café, scheduled for April 5. Tickets are available here!

2019 is becoming a huge year for the burgeoning dance/electronic artist, who will be joining X Ambassadors on their European tour beginning at the end of April. Visit here for the list of tour dates and ticket availabilities. It’s a tour you won’t want to miss!

As Minke dives into the relationships in her life as seen through her songs, tracks like “Something Better” recounts living in a world where you’re wishing for change. “Too Late” is disguised as the classic breakup song that brings you a picture of two people who aren’t content with each other and want separate things from one another. This infectious tune is another reminder of how far this brilliant songwriter Minke will go.

“Songwriting is my therapy,” she says. “It’s what I’ve done since I first picked up a guitar when I was eleven. It’s the only thing that makes me feel better, so it’s what I do. When people listen to The Tearoom, I hope they get whatever they need from it. It could be reassurance or someone to identify with.”

Listen to the EP The Tearoom below:

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Written by Evelin Mercedes

Evelin Mercedes is an entrepreneur with an interest in writing about music. Founder of Music Trails. Instagram: @evelinm_