MKH releases first Music+Cities documentary

Singer/songwriter, fashion blogger and half of Double Trouble DJs, Mali-Koa Hood, has finally released part one of her and partner, Tom Payne’s project “Music+Cities Documentaries.”

The whole idea of the documentary series started when Mali and Tom stumbled upon a street party in Copenhagen. With blues and jazz  music echoing through the streets, the sound waves accompanied by a couple of vino (otherwise known as wine) toasts soon led them to discovering that the beautiful city in Denmark was Europe’s Jazz capital.

“Whilst travelling to Copenhagen for my birthday last year, Tom and I stumbled upon a street party that saw the town painted in warm Spring colours with bikes scattered across side streets and shutdown junctions. From every basement, corner and crescent the sounds of blues and jazz blanketed the place. A couple of vino’s and beers later, we were educated on the history of the cities music, one that lead CPH to be considered as Europe’s capital of jazz. An undiscovered and unsuspecting musical city, how many of these places were left to be found?” – Mali on the idea of Music+Cities.


Mali-Koa and SHUFFLE production team Manchester BTS. Photographed by Tom Payne. 

Gearing up with BENCH and SHUFFLE, Mali and Tom traveled and discovered the new sounds in three (3) distinctive cities that has been part of establishing distinct music genres today.

And as the long wait is over, Mali has posted the very first blog post and video of their Music+Cities Documentary in “the city built on Rock’n’Roll”, Manchester!

Featuring the rich history of the city and its music origins, the couple has ventured through Manchester to discover the sounds that has enriched the Mancunian culture over the past years.

Educating their selves with the help of some renowned names in Manchester’s music scene (Graeme Park, Ruth Daniel, Clint Boon, David Rudlin, Tom of “Blossoms”) and young band No Hot Ashes, Mali and Tom surely has a lot to share with us from their amazing trip up North.

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Written by CelebMix