Mob Wives’ “Big Ang” Angela Raiola, Dies at 55

Mob Wives’ star “Big Ang” Angela Raiola died Thursday, February 18 of 2016, at 3:01 am at the New York City hospital where she was receiving treatment for her stage 4 throat and brain cancer.

Raiola Lombardi was diagnosed last year originally with throat cancer and underwent several surgeries.  She was eventually told she was cancer free but last year when she went for a checkup she was told she needed more testing done.  Ultimately, she was told that not only had she gotten cancer back, it had spread to her lungs, and brain – stage 4.

She received chemotherapy but it did not work, so she went onto receiving immunotherapy. She fought for a few months before losing her battle with cancer.

Her sister, Janine Detore explained that Angela was rushed to the hospital before she died due pneumonia.  EXTRA reports that Detore said, “She just said she wanted to go home. It was very hard. She came down with pneumonia last week. She went to the hospital last week for it, but she got better and came home on Friday. Ang was okay, and then she got pneumonia again Sunday. She was rushed to the ER on Monday. She got in the ambulance and said, ‘I’ll see you later.’ Nothing was going through my mind. They told me I had to come to the hospital. I never thought I was going to walk into this, and that’s what I walked into. Her pneumonia was her death, and the cancer was so aggressive. It was so quick. It was very peaceful. We were playing her favorite music. We were telling her how much we love her and how mommy and daddy were waiting for her. We told her she could go in peace and I will take care of the kids and grandchildren. Even her doctor cried and cried.”

A statement posted from her Twitter account said that Raiola “peacefully ended her battle with cancer” on Thursday.

Angela was laid to rest in Staten Island, where her family and friends all reside.

Countless celebrities, and fellow co-stars said their goodbyes to Big Ang on Twitter throughout this weekend, expressing their grief and sorrow.

Representatives of Angela say that instead of sending money to the family, her wish was that anybody wanting to help should donate to her favorite charity – St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital.

Angela Raiola will definitely be missed. She was a force to be reckoned with. She taught fans that to be strong, is to be confident in yourself and your beliefs. That family is everything and that we should all live life for the moment because we never might know what the future may hold. Most importantly, she taught fans to never give up as she fought until her last breath.

We here at CelebMix hope that Angela Raiola is up in heaven drinking martinis and listening to music, as she enjoyed to do here on Earth. One thing is for certain – her spirit will live on forever with us all. Rest in peace, Ang.

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Written by CelebMix