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Mogli Selected as the Face of Spotify’s Campaign Applauding Womxn Creatives

German-based artist Mogli releases her new single/music video, “Ghost,” the third track from her upcoming cinematic album, RAVAGE, while also announcing her selection by Spotify as the face of Spotify’s EQUAL GSA Campaign.

Mogli explains, “‘Ghost’ is about loss but it’s not grieving a relationship it’s grieving what this relationship had made me. After the breakup everything changed at such a fast pace, I knew that I radically wasn’t who I was before, but I didn’t know who I was yet, I was lost. First-time depression hit me hard, and I was dealing with it alone in a new and anonymous town like Berlin.”

Ghost follows on the heels of “Echo” and “The Current,” the first two singles previously released from RAVAGE. The series of videos, all created and scored by Mogli, depict Mogli living in a dystopian world vaguely akin to Orwell’s 1984.

“Ghost” opens on low-slung, elegant leitmotifs blended with distorted synths, followed by fading and shifting to a graceful piano. A thumping rhythm underscores wraithlike layers of trembling, creamy coloration as Mogli’s exquisite voice, under superb lilting control, imbues the lyrics with haunting timbres.

The video, directed by Florian Peters, depicts Mogli awakening on a beach. From there, she travels through a tropical rain forest and marsh-like landscapes to a house in the forest, where she meets a male figure.

Alongside “Ghost,” Spotify has chosen Mogli as the face of their global EQUAL GSA Campaign, a project created to highlight artists and podcasters who identify as womxn. By so doing, Spotify is acknowledging Mogli’s inspiration and empowerment of other womxn through overcoming her own trials and tribulations and emerging stronger and more confident.

Mogli shares, “I’m so honored to be on this campaign! As a female independent artist and advocate for female empowerment, it’s so great to see a shift towards more equality. My new single ‘Ghost’ is about depression and it means a lot to me that the song and message are getting some space out there to be heard.”

With “Ghost,” Mogli delivers poignant, innovative alt-pop as well as expressive visuals that go beyond the usual video format.

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Written by Randy

Randy Radic is a Left Coast author and writer. Author of numerous true crime books written under the pen-name of John Lee Brook. Former music contributor at Huff Post.