Moonbin and Sanha Pre-Release Single ‘Ghost Town’ Ahead of Sub-Unit Comeback

Moonbin and Sanha are set to release their comeback as a sub-unit. This follows their 2020 sub-unit mini album release ‘In-Out’. The comeback for Moonbin and Sanha is set to be in March. This follows JinJin and Rocky’s debut as a sub-unit 17th January 2022 with their first mini-album ‘Restore’.

On 11th February Moonbin and Sanha released their Pre-Release Single ahead of their comeback. The track has Hip-hop vibes that we are absolutely loving. We love the upbeat vibe. The guitar intro at the beginning is amazing and the beat suddenly comes in.

The concept is amazing. Our interpretation is about not knowing the meaning of love and struggling to find love. Just being empty and a ‘ghost town’ is a lonely place.

We love the effect of the music video for the track. The colour pallete is red and blue. It is dark colours which gives a dark effect and shows a different sound to a upbeat sounding song.

It is good to have the contrasting sound as sometimes it keeps to viewer engaged. However, when listening to the lyrics and watching the music video there will be a different story told. This is definitely an exciting aspect of music, as people can hear the track in a way they want to. Some people may find comfort in the lyrics in terms of relating to the lyrics. Some may just enjoy an upbeat sounding song.

This track has definitely hyped us up for hearing the rest of the songs that will be on Moonbin and Sanha’s comeback. We can not wait to delve into the new concept from the dynamic duo.

We can not wait to hear the rest of the songs on their comeback. If this track is anything to go by, then it is definitely going to be amazing comeback.

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Written by Emily Severn

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