Moonlight Jones Brings 80s Nostalgia on Latest Single “I Like The Way”

Moonlight Jones is a Miami-based musician who pushes the boundaries of genre with his abstract curiosity. His latest single “I Like The Way” uses notes of pop to tell a captivating story about a dark romance.

“I Like The Way” is yet another step for Moonlight Jones as a multi-genre artist. He combines iridescent notes of synth and dark percussion for a seductive track that pairs perfectly with 80s nostalgia. “She’ll steal your soul just to entice and leave her venom everywhere.” Written about a reclusive maneater who sweeps Moonlight Jones off his feet, the single empowers the dark feminine archetype. “I Like The Way” features eerie backup vocals from the established director and first time vocalist David Rousseau (Pitbull, Jay Sean, Afrojack). “I Like The Way” is a dangerously romantic track full of thrilling sonic twists and captivating vocals that linger on the finish.

Moonlight Jones worked with an incredible team including Nino Valentino, Doug Emery, and David Rousseau to create “I Like The Way”. He is currently a Miami-based musician who rejects the confines of genre. His passion as a skilled guitarist and magnetic vocalist has led him on a series of travels to many different countries. “I Like The Way” is his latest release, exploring a whole new territory for Moonlight Jones.

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Written by Leah

Los Angeles based entertainment writer