Movie Review: A Star Is Born

Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga captures everyone’s hearts in their new film, A Star Is Born. Don’t worry, there are no spoilers!

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The film was directed by Bradley Cooper. It was perfectly directed and perfectly casted. Lady Gaga returns to acting and perfecting her role as Ally, a normal working woman who gets discovered by a popular singer, Jack (portrayed by Bradley Cooper). Throughout the film, Ally discovers her role as a newly introduced singer/songwriter. Within Gaga and Cooper’s relationship, there are many ups and down the couple goes through.

A Star Is Born was Lady Gaga’s first film, but wasn’t her first time in the acting industry. In 2015, Gaga was featured on American Horror Story as one of the main characters. She returned to the hit TV show the following year, but only made a guest appearance.

This isn’t the first film that is based on the plot. There have been many versions of A Star Is Born including a remake in 1976 featuring Barbara Streisand, another one was made in 1957 starring Judy Garland (some of you may know her as Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz) and others. However, each film is based off the same premises of the one that was recently released.

Check out pics of Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper on the red carpet of the movie premiere.

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Overall, the film definitely had us in tears by the ending. The songs were beautifully written. Cooper and Gaga showed off their singing abilities with beautiful vocals.

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The film is now in theaters.

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