Music Artist Jack Kellogg Shares 3 Things Every New Musician Should Follow

Jack Kellogg has earned a lot of love, appreciation, and respect as a musician in a short time. His work is lauded by people all across the world, and songs are listened to by thousands of people. 

According to Jack, working as a musician is not like a regular job but requires 24/7 work commitments. Embarking on such a journey takes a lot of hard work, and you must prepare yourself for all types of risks. It is best to work on improving your music and know a few important things before stepping into this industry. As a pro at making a name in the music business, Jack shares 3 things that every new musician must follow. As a successful musician, he loves to help other rising artists as he wishes someone had been there to help him with useful insights. 

Practice makes you perfect

As cliche as it sounds, practice makes a man perfect. It’s a no-brainer. But according to musician Jack Kellogg, a lot of upcoming musicians who are full of talent do not realize the importance of practicing their instruments. Practice is very different from jamming and as a rising musician, you must practice your instrument to have complete command of it. Having fun while practicing means you are simply jamming. Practicing your instrument should involve developing new skills and excelling at your art. 

Jack believes practicing makes you get out of your comfort zone and that is where the best things happen. He urges all new musicians to get really uncomfortable and keep diving into new things.

Focus on quality of performance

There are way too many musicians who focus entirely on how good they sound. They tend to forget that as a musician, people are going to listen and watch you too. Stage presence and audience engagement matter too. Jack believes that new and upcoming artists must also polish their audience engaging skills and try taking off the shyness cloak. Smile more and let your light shine bright through your music and performance. 

Be a thorough professional 

Whether you are on stage or off stage, professionalism must be ingrained in you as a musician. It is highly unlikely that you will get paid for acting like an amateur. Respect the art and other artists while displaying your excellence at it. Jack tells new artists to be respectful at all times and never pick or choose who is entitled to their respect and who is not. 

Written by Monella