Music duo SOULFLVR and One Violin Orchestra have us hooked on their electrifying beats

Music, when done individually, is pleasant to the ears, but with collaborations, it becomes enchanting, to say the least. When musicians come together to work on something fresh, you not only get the best of both their talents, but also the output is simply transfixing. This is what music duo SOULFLVR and One Violin Orchestra have been creating for their fans and all the music lovers out there. 

SOULFLVR is a DJ and music producer most known for his music in the deep house, house, EDM, and pop genres. While Nora Kudrjawizki, more popularly known as One Violin Orchestra, is a female violinist who produces entrancing violin sounds with vocals, beatbox, and loop station. With SOULFLVR’s music compositions and One Violin Orchestra’s violin beats, the melodies are sure to mesmerize anyone. This combination is full of energy, electrifying tunes, and music that is undoubtedly a treat for the ears. 

Starting off from a very young age, SOULFLVR has been a DJ ever since he was 18 years old. Playing in clubs helped him understand the mood of the crowd. Every audience is different, and when you start playing, you gauge what the people want to hear and enjoy, and hence you can improvise accordingly. He knows how to set the mood for any occasion or party. SOULFLVR has a different playlist for easy listening, a different for radio, and a completely different approach to music for clubs. 

“I have always been fascinated by music and sound electronics. At the age of 10, my parents bought me a Roland keyboard, and from then on, I started experimenting with sounds and rhythms. Later I took piano and guitar lessons, but I have never mastered playing any instrument. My strength has always been the ability to combine basic instruments to create a fresh sound. My knowledge and skills in electronics, music equipment, and of course creativity have helped me in my career,” shared SOULFLVR.  

It’s because of his expertise in understanding music that he, along with One Violin Orchestra, has been creating masterpiece after masterpiece and are playing in various music festivals and gigs together. Due to their several live events and the tremendous response they have received, they have formed great musical chemistry. And in fact, they love to play together. 

Some of their hit songs include Your Smile, Solitary Mind, and Mileiha. They even performed live at a yacht party end of last year that grooved the audiences and became an instant success. Along with the music, the harmonious vocals of Nora enhance the beat and overall feel of their songs. What is great is that their songs are available on SOULFLVR’s social media platforms, so you can appreciate the diversity and depth of their music. 

“The biggest achievement in music for me is that I am able to translate the music in my mind into an audio format. For creative people, often, it is hard to achieve. You may have so many ideas running through your mind, but without the right skills, you are not able to transfer those to the audio. Once you have acquired this skill through experimentation and hard work, the output is so fulfilling and makes you feel complete as an artist,” said SOULFLVR. 

Both SOULFLVR and One Violin Orchestra believe in making music from the heart, something their listeners could connect to instantly. Violin is undoubtedly an instrument that brings life to any music. It has this serene sound to it that can enhance the melody at any given point, and SOULFLVR has the capability to pick up on the power of the instrument and blend it with different genres of music. Listening to their different songs, you will realize where there is a romantic song with a soft rhythm, there is an upbeat track to play in live events and make the crowd move to it. 

This exciting combo is creating waves in the music scene, both recorded and live, and should be checked out on social media right away. Who knows, you will find something that goes with your feelings, and you can add some new tunes to your playlists.

Written by TedFuel