Music Video Premiere: Carpente, Pepper Gomez, and Tacboy Team Up on “Libertad”

Singer, composer, producer, label owner, and filmmaker Carpente joins forces with Pepper Gomez, house vocalist and CEO of Wake Up! Music Group, and Tacboy, vocalist of the ET Boys to unveil “Libertad,” a lament to Lady Liberty.

According to Pepper, “Libertad” is “the song that appeared,” a song sent by the Divine. Most songs are written with a guitar or at a piano and infused with life in the studio. “Libertad” was born while Pepper was bathing. Leaping out of the tub, she grabbed her iPhone, got back in the tub, and began recording.

Pepper sent the track to Carpente, asking if he could surround her vocals in music. Carpente worked his magic, giving the mournful lyrics a musical matrix. Pepper then recruited the ET Boys’ Tacboy to provide the male vocals.

Talking about the song, Pepper shares, “In a time where we are watching freedoms and rights reduced before our very eyes, ‘Libertad’ cries, ‘Where did you go? Do you feel like coming home? I wanna make you feel free.’  The male and female interplay underlines the painful need to never stop the work we must do and fight for in the area of human rights and Liberty.”

“Libertad” opens on a cool drum shuffle topped by Pepper’s evocative, grief-stricken voice. Merging hints of hip-hop, psychedelia, pop, and alt-rock flavors, the tune flows, glides, and ripples with somber, edgy leitmotifs.

Tacboy’s dreamy yet intoxicating vocals imbue the lyrics with plush, probing tones as Pepper’s spectral, woeful timbres shape an antiphonal response of bereavement.

Tacboy sings: “I cannot believe it when u float thru the night / I can’t help but seeing when u float thru the sky / No, no, where did you go / All the lies they making /All the lies they told / Where did u goo / Libertad.”

Pepper sighs: “Make me feel free / Can you make me feel make me feel make me feel free / Free.”

The video, created by Domonick Giorgianni, aka Hippie Dom, at once stark and visually affecting, depicts Lady Liberty with her flaming torch held high, the bright sun moving across the sky, as she gradually vanishes from existence.

Without sonic precedence, “Libertad” is truly genre-bending, evoking a mood of imminent loss as well as powerful emotions.

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Written by Randy

Randy Radic is a Left Coast author and writer. Author of numerous true crime books written under the pen-name of John Lee Brook. Former music contributor at Huff Post.