Music Video Premiere: Estani Unveils “Mr. Personality”

Multi-faceted singer-songwriter Estani introduces the music video, “Mr. Personality,” a track from her recently released album, Droughts In The Ocean.

A song about difficult working relationships, Estani explains that “working with people where nothing is ever enough gets tiring really quickly along with the constant feeling of needing to prove yourself. Eventually, it either breaks you down or you have a wakeup call, realize your self-worth, and find the validation you need within yourself rather than trying to find it through others’ opinions.”

With over a decade of experience singing and songwriting unparalleled musical masterpieces, Estani continues to share her refreshing blends of Latin, jazz, soul, pop, R&B, and other genres in every extraordinary release. Previously, she released a stripped-down, emotional ballad, “I Sometimes Wish,” mourning a devastating loss. Preceding that, she flexed her creativity in the award-nominated single, “Tell Me Why,” discussing how the world should have a greater priority on our collective unity rather than divisiveness.

The video for “Mr. Personality” reflects the ‘50s, with Estani working the counter at a diner, where the imbalance of power dynamics quickly becomes evident as she serves coffee and breakfast to a male customer, who is both gauche and rude. The visuals shift to Estani playing a housewife, where after cleaning the house all day, her husband finds fault and gives her no attention. In the end, she expresses her weariness with the status quo and leaves.

Once she is gone, Mr. Personality is left to fend for himself, while Estani, empowered, takes control of her life on her terms.

“Mr. Personality” opens on jazz-flavored tones topped by Estani’s luscious, evocative voice. Upbeat percussion and a fat, driving bassline supply the contagious rhythm as smooth, lustrous horns establish the vibrant mood and feel of the tune. “Na, na, na” vocal harmonies imbue the song with stylish depth and dimension.

With “Mr. Personality,” Estani struts her crème de la crème voice and her talent for writing swanky music with beaucoup energy.

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Written by Randy

Randy Radic is a Left Coast author and writer. Author of numerous true crime books written under the pen-name of John Lee Brook. Former music contributor at Huff Post.