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Music Video Premiere: GALVEZTON Unveils “Looking Glass”

Rock ‘n roll/indie alternative artist GALVEZTON, aka Robert Kuhn, introduces his single/music video, “Looking Glass,” a track from his upcoming album, PERSEVERE, slated to drop October 21.

Talking about the song, Kuhn shares, “‘Looking Glass’ “was recorded and sent up into outer space to our astronaut friend Cristina Koch who spent a whole year at a space station, the longest time ever for a female. Tina is a surfer and was missing the ocean (and salsa), so we thought this psychedelic space surf number would go well for a zero-gravity dance party.”

GALVEZTON’s genesis occurred in Galveston, Texas, in 2012, when Kuhn arrived in Galveston from Nicaragua and began performing at the historic Old Quarter Acoustic Café, as well as surf bars and listening rooms. In 2014, Kuhn and his friends cut a live album, Everybody Knows, at Sugarhill Studio.

The success of the album freed Kuhn from his day job, allowing him to tour and play music with his band, which included the late, great Little Joe Washington. The band toured throughout the U.S. and Mexico, until the end of August 2019, when Kuhn was involved in an accident, leaving him in the hospital in critical condition.

Six weeks later, Kuhn returned to Galveston, happy to be alive. His convalescent process gave birth to his forthcoming album, PERSEVERE. Along with the album release, Kuhn will also be publishing his debut autobiographical novel, Leaving Is Returning, via Weasel Press, about his life and adventures in South/Central American indigenous villages.

“Looking Glass” opens on emerging, shimmering tones flowing into a space-surf tune riding a mid-tempo rhythm. Psychedelic guitars infuse the melody with kaleidoscopic textures as Kuhn’s dreamy vocals imbue the lyrics with ‘60s lysergic timbres.

The video depicts episodes from Kuhn’s extensive travels, along with dazzling, never before seen time-lapse footage from famous Astronaut Christina Koch’s cell phone.

With “Looking Glass,” GALVEZTON blends retro washes of space-surf music into a deliciously evocative song, full of iridescent savors.

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Written by Randy

Randy Radic is a Left Coast author and writer. Author of numerous true crime books written under the pen-name of John Lee Brook. Former music contributor at Huff Post.