Music Video Premiere: Joelii Unveils Enticing “Amantes”

Latin rapper and songwriter Joelii introduces the music video for “Amantes,” a track from his recently released EP, Buena Vaina.

Originally from the Dominican Republic and now based in Los Angeles, Joelii has collaborated with artists such as Major Lazer, Sak Noel, and DJ Rebel, along with performing throughout the world, sharing the stage with Jenn Morel, Play N Skillz, JSTJR, ETC!ETC!, and Salvi.

Joelii’s hit song “Rub a Bum” with Play N Skillz and Jenn Morel has amassed more than 1,600,000 streams, while DJ City referred to his collaboration with DJ Rebel as “infectious,” calling it a “reggaeton heater.”

Known for his work with platinum Latina rapper Jenn Morel, who has collected over 80 million streams, including the red-hot hit “Pónteme,” as well as sync placements with Samsung, Ubisoft, EA Sports, and Zumba, during the last half-year, Joelii has been writing and releasing new music, witnessed by the five tracks on Buena Vaina, featuring “Cool de Modelo” and “Buena Vida.”

Inspired by Banda love songs, “Amantes” opens on a sparkling flute riding pulsing keyboards, and then flows into a rippling Latin-flavored melody highlighted by a seductive reggaeton rhythm made up of snapping percussion and fat, rumbling bassline. The thumping kick drum throbs with quixotic heft as Joelii’s creamy tenor rolls out on deluxe, melodic rapping surfaces.

“Vida mia cuento ya lo días / Hasta cuando tú regresarías / Yo pensando loco me dirían / Pero entrando al paso me decias.”

The video, directed by Roger Will for Shooters Club L.A., depicts Joelii dressed in black, including a cool black hat, wearing a posh white overcoat with stylish fluffy lapels. The look is sophisticated and elegant, yet at the same time provocative, accentuating Joelii’s overall amatory presence.

Tantalizing and rippling with plush reggaeton layers, “Amantes” delivers alluring savors crowned by the glossy flow of Joelii.

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Written by Randy

Randy Radic is a Left Coast author and writer. Author of numerous true crime books written under the pen-name of John Lee Brook. Former music contributor at Huff Post.