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Music Video Premiere: Nyota Parker Unveils “Spectrum”

Congolese, South African, and Irish hip-hop/neo-soul artist Nyota Parker introduces the music video, “Spectrum,” the title track from her forthcoming deluxe album slated to drop on August 19, followed by a short film, which releases August 26.

Speaking about the album, Parker shares,” ‘Spectrum’ reflects a journey of a struggling artist, and this deluxe album shows that although I have a distinct sound, I was still experimenting. I will always continue to experiment too.”

The deluxe version of the album features re-envisioned versions of her November release along with bonus content, including live performances of “A.I.,” “Spectrum,” and “Right Thru,” also produced by Jazz Groupiez and is an unreleased collaboration with established actor/musical artist, ZMNY, who has appeared in shows such as Shameless and Swagger.

Most of the tracks on this project are produced by American producer, Jazz Groupiez. Parker was also featured on his recently released album, The Millenaisaince III, which charted between the #3 and #1 spot on African and European Apple Music Jazz charts.

At the age of 16, Parker first connected with her mixing and mastering engineer, Jay Loopz, followed by recording her own music. After winning a competition to open for two of South Africa’s heavyweights, Nasty C and A-Reece, Parker continued releasing music, grabbing the attention of Red Bull Music and Converse. Parker has performed for the more than 100,000 attendees at Festive Lights Switch On.

“Spectrum” opens on a measured hip-hop rhythm topped by gleaming colors as Parker’s finessed, alluring flow imbues the rhymes with beguiling tones. See-sawing keyboards juxtaposed against the subterranean bassline give the harmonics delicious, dual layers of sound – one luminous and streaming, the other deep and throbbing.

“Why I never see you on your own road / Why is it when I see you there’s no growth / Why you never focus on your own soul / Why dig for treasure when you’re your own gold / You know that you always gotta pace yourself, pace yourself, pace yourself / You know that you always gotta pace yourself, pace yourself, pace yourself.”

Sleek and potent, “Spectrum” demonstrates not only the songwriting ability of Nyota Parker but her superbly nuanced flow.

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Written by Randy

Randy Radic is a Left Coast author and writer. Author of numerous true crime books written under the pen-name of John Lee Brook. Former music contributor at Huff Post.