Music Video Premiere: Sonarpilot Unveils Spellbinding “Gorgon”

Sonarpilot, aka producer and digital designer Michael Moppet, releases “Gorgon,” the third episode in Sonarpilot’s The Mirage Project, Season 2.

Sonarpilot explains, “‘Gorgon’ is a meditation about the explosive pervasion of our society with AI, about the fascination and fear, about the uncontrollable complexity of these systems and the sparks of synthetic life that we will soon see in these machines.”

He goes on, “It is hard to fathom the essence of a truly independent alien intelligence that will emerge from a mechanical structure. To illustrate this enigma, we have pushed the visual envelope of this Mirage very far. This journey is a machine on a psychedelic trip.”

Joining forces with fractal artist Roger Mader and London-based DJ Jonny Miller, “Gorgon” provides a mesmerizing journey into the increasingly psychedelic structure of a massive bio-mechanical machine. The trip starts with a tender-footed approach towards what eventually becomes an intense, metal-inspired electronic meditation about the moment when a super-intelligent machine might show true signs of life – and maybe even a soul.

Initiated in 2020, The Mirage Project, Season 1 collected vast praise for its sound and visual elements, consisting of six epic journeys through mind, science, time, and space.

With Season 2 of The Mirage Project, “Gorgon” plunges into the maze of a massive bio-mechanical machine – an artistic comment about Artificial Intelligence, its promises, challenges, frightening power, and fragile existence.

“Gorgon” opens on eerie gonging tones atop tapping percussion, adding filaments of quavering leitmotifs, enveloping listeners in layers of radiant textures, dripping with portent. Then the flow shifts to gleaming, percolating chimes, sparkling with luminous surfaces as rumbling drums add syncopated cadence.

The surreal visuals depict DNA-like strands of metal scaffolding emerging from a fog, eventually revealing a seemingly infinite unraveling of some bio-mechanical network or organism. As the structure folds into increasingly complex iterations of itself, colorful sun-like orbs appear, distorting our view of the mechanical madness with seductive hues.

The seven-minute cinematic journey echoes an encounter with one of the ancient creatures, the Gorgon, a mythical entity with hair made of serpents and a gaze that turned anyone who looked at it to stone.

At once phantasmagoric and mesmerizing, “Gorgon” reveals an almost palpable energy and a sense of tantalizing imminence.

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Written by Randy

Randy Radic is a Left Coast author and writer. Author of numerous true crime books written under the pen-name of John Lee Brook. Former music contributor at Huff Post.