Nadia Lanfranconi Releases Music Video for "Italian Country Song"

Nadia Lanfranconi Releases Music Video for “Italian Country Song”

Nadia Lanfranconi is a pop/country/rock singer and songwriter who was born on the shores of Lake Como in Italy, but is now living in Los Angeles, California.

Music and art have always been Nadia’s passion since she was a child because they were her ways of escaping from reality. When she wasn’t drawing, she was listening to her little radio and switching through stations. By 9, Nadia got a Karaoke machine for Christmas and that’s where her music career truly all began.

After growing up and performing constantly, Nadia ended up working several bands and finally went solo in 2004 to embrace her guitar and songwriting skills. By 2007 she recorded her first solo EP Bad Story, and now in 2018, she’s back with some new music.

The theme of her newest song, “Italian Country Song” is all about being true to who you are, because even though Nadia may not be a native American, country music is worldwide. With her voice and guitar, Nadia wears her heart on her sleeve, telling her life story through music.

If Nadia looks familiar to you, it’s because she’s an actress too!  She has been featured on shows like Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders, and Entourage.

With lyrics like, “I had this crazy dream / Oh it came so easily / Next thing I’m in the land of the free,” and “I don’t drink cold beer, only Starbucks,” Nadia Lanfranconi is a pure country girl, riding horses, climbing trees, wearing boots and a hat, topped with a beautiful sense of humor.

You can buy “Italian Country Song” on iTunes HERE.

Check out the music video for “Italian Country Song” below:

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