Nat Vazer Succumbs to a Defenseless Feeling in her Delicate Single “Addicted to Misery”

Fusing mesmerizing indie rock and folk, Nat Vazer crafts a soft and subtle offering “Addicted to Misery”.

With light, feathery vocals flowing atop tender guitar riffs there is an enriching air of enchantment seeping through. The passionate single explores a feeling of inadequacy that comes from not being able to help yourself. The song is a soul-stirring expression of sorrowful emotions. Profound lyrics such as “drifting through the same old house/ I don’t live here anymore/ I just see it in my dreams,” truly sets the scene of melancholic despair. The visuals add to the tune’s graceful nature. With Vazer under gently blowing sheets and walking/singing in stunning wood settings there is something so serene in it all.

Melbourne talent Vazer is an artist recognized for her emotive lyrics and dreamy soundscapes creating otherworldly tracks that are moody and mystical. Inspired by bands such as Nirvana and Death Cab For Cutie, her sound possesses that same soothing quality. This release captures a sense of sadness yet also calm. That breathtaking style instantly draws listeners in.

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Written by Leah

Los Angeles based entertainment writer