Natalise + The Sunset Run Release Music Video for "Be"

Natalise + The Sunset Run Release Music Video for “Be”

Natalise + the Sunset Run is back at it again with a brand new single off of their latest record, Constellations. Like the songs we featured on CelebMix in the past, which include “The Lucky Ones” and “Love Unconditional,” Natalise put her her heart into “Be”.

According to her, “Be” is a song about being true and authentic. “All you gotta do is BE, you and you and nobody else, just be… you and you and you alone,” says Natalse. And that’s what we stand for here at CelebmIx. Being YOURSELF.

Watching the video for “Be”, viewers see aspiring dancers who are working to perfect their craft. Whether it be a gloomy day or sunny day, the people in the video find the strength to help them move forward.

With a hook declaring, “All you gotta do is BE — you and you and nobody else,” this is the perfect jam to start off the new year. If you ever need a mood booster, this song will inspire you to keep going, and to never give up.

You can purchase Constellations on iTunes or Amazon.

Check out the music video for “Be” below:

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