Nathan Sykes

Nathan Sykes Teases Fans With Album Clips

Whilst jetting between the UK and the USA, Nathan Sykes has continued to ensure his fans know exactly what they’re in for with his debut album!

Sykes’ debut album ‘Unfinished Business’ will be released on the 4th November, after being eagerly anticipated by fans for well over a year.

After announcing the track listing on the 12th August, he decided to tease fans even more by releasing short extracts of each song in the days following.

Fan favourites include ‘There’s Only One of You’, an acoustic melody with soft soul-ridden harmonies and a catchy guitar accompaniment. ‘Good Things Come To Those Who Wait’ is also a massive hit with the fans, again channeling a soulful vibe which when paired with the brass band and Sykes’ dominant vocals, makes a ‘big opener’ for the album.

In conclusion, Nathan Sykes’ style has clearly evolved and matured since his time in boyband The Wanted and we can’t wait to see what else he has in store for the future.

Track listing

  1. Good Things Come To Those Who Wait
  2. Kiss Me Quick
  3. Money
  4. Freedom
  5. Twist
  6. I Can’t Be Mad
  7. There’s Only One of You
  8. Famous
  9. Give It Up (feat. G-Eazy)
  10. More Than You’ll Ever Know
  11. Over And Over Again
  12. I’ll Remember You
  13. Tear in the Rain
  14. Over And Over Again (feat. Ariana Grande)
  15. Taken
  16. Burn Me Down

Teasers of all 16 songs can be found on Nathan’s YouTube channel found here, make sure to comment below or tweet us @CelebMix to let us know your favourite!

Written by Enya Savage

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