Nathan Trent releases his single “Won’t Let You Go”

After Kristian Kostov, Nathan Trent too has started his year on a musical note. The Eurovision Song Contest participant, in collaboration with Poptracker, has finally released his new single titled “Won’t Let You Go”.

Trent’s new track is primarily a love song that talks about one’s feelings for the loved one. To a listener, the theme might seem to be a common one but what really makes “Won’t Let You Go” worth checking out is its music. Trent and Poptracker have smartly given this song a unique feel by blending the genres of electro pop and rock music.

The song has an uplifting tune and its upbeat music can definitely make anyone dance.

Nathan even went on to record a reaction video to “Won’t Let You Go” being played on the radio. While the video is hilarious, it shows singer’s happiness and excitement for his new song and his fans’ reaction to it.

But this is not it. The single’s release is just a beginning. The singer will soon be releasing his EP and as per WIWI blogs,

“Nathan will be returning to perform at Life Ball 2018 in June. 2018 marks the 25th anniversary of the famed Viennese event, aimed at supporting people living with HIV or AIDS, and will be themed on the legendary film ‘The Sound of Music’.”

So, this year, we will get a chance to see Trent a lot more.

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