Natural Health Products Used By the Stars

Celebrities leave no stone unturned when comes to taking care of their body and health. They have the best fashion designers, best beauticians, best fitness instructors, and they eat the best diet to maintain their glamour. That’s probably why we all look up to celebrities when it comes to our lifestyle. They don’t usually share their secrets with the world, but nothing remains hidden forever. We found that most of them prefer natural health products that not only work like magic, but also have no side effects. Some of those celebrities, and their favorite natural health products are shared in this article.

Jennifer Aniston

We all know Jennifer Aniston from the biggest comedy hits of all times “FRIENDS”. That show started in 1994 and ended in 2004 – she is over 50 years old today. All Hollywood fans were left stunned when she showed her bikini body in the movie “We’re the Millers”. Even at this age, she could give 20-year-old supermodels a run for their money. This made us wonder the secret behind her health even at this age. And, yes, we did find the answer.

It’s the care of her mental health in addition to the physical workouts. You stay fit when you are emotionally and mentally doing well, for which Jennifer uses natural CBD products. She once mentioned in US Weekly that CBD helps her with pain, anxiety, and stress. She didn’t reveal her consumption method there, but it is believed that she uses natural terpenes. You can learn all about natural terpenes at Green Roads World.

Kate Hudson

Kate Garry Hudson is 40 years old, and a mother of three, but still gorgeous as an angel. We could all learn a lot from these senior celebrities. She might use several natural products, but we only know about an eye cream. It was also disclosed in an interview when she shared her liking of natural products, particularly mentioning ‘organic coffee bean caffeine eye cream’ to calm puffiness. Kate applies this natural cream under her eyes before going to sleep, and after waking up in the morning.

Kim Kardashian

Kim (38 years old), just two years younger than Kate Hudson, is also a big fan of CBD products. Cannabidiol is a natural therapeutic substance with many health benefits. Kim Kardashian has shared her fondness and recommendations of CBD on several occasions. For example, she shared in her Instagram story that she’s addicted to CBD products. She also wanted a CBD themed baby shower. Benefits of this natural health products are no longer a secret; even stars have endorsed it.

Black Tea Mascara

Black tea mascara isn’t a celebrity; it’s a celebrity maker. Many world-renowned makeup artists have praised this natural health and beauty product. All stars follow what artists like Katie Mellinger and Azra Red recommend. Pure black tea mascara gives you smudge-proof look. If you want celebrity names, then Felicity Jones and Emma Watson are a few prominent ones. Their makeup artists use this natural product to give them a lasting red carpet look.

Emma Roberts

Even young stars like Emma Roberts accept the value of natural health products. Emma has won several best supporting actress awards in her career including FilmOut Audience and MTV Movie Awards. She is also an admirer of CBD products, bath tonic being her favorite. Use of CBD was begun to get relief from pain. With the passage of time, the world began to learn about its many other benefits that are today backed by science. Emma explained in an Instagram story that she uses CBD bath tonic to soothe her body.

Written by CelebMix