Nelly says Ed Sheeran is a ‘freak’ but really wants to work with him

Nelly thinks the music industry is being taken over by geeks.

He places Sheeran very firmly in that category and told us: ‘Ed Sheeran is a freak man, you look at him and think: ‘He can’t be a pop star’, but he’s killing it.

He’s unlikely, but for today, with what’s going on, maybe he is a likely pop star.’

Nelly is still doing well as he has sold over 30 million records for his new single The Fix.

Nelly really wants to work with Ed and others to produce something amazing: ‘Me, Ed, Taylor and Pharrell together, making great music with great people and those are great artists.’

Sheeran is doing very well for a 24 year old and recently set up his own label after stating the others he was working with were ‘idiots.’

Sheeran’s first act signed with Gingerbread Man Records is fellow singer songwriter Jamie Lawson.

Written by CelebMix