Net Kohen Gives Networking a Modern Makeover With LinkMe

With the world becoming more reliant on technology, shifting towards online networking platforms is seen as a more practical solution to connect and build rapport with others. Everyone wants to be visible across prominent social media platforms to build their brands, but keeping track of accounts can be challenging. Net Kohen saw the gap and developed an innovation that takes networking to a whole new level–LinkMe. The comprehensive solution allows users to collate their handles and social links under one platform and simultaneously communicate with others without leaving the app.

LinkMe’s mission is to reshape how people connect in today’s fast-paced world. The solution consolidates all networking platforms a user may have into one location, allowing easy access for sharing their brand with others. LinkMe also serves as a social site itself, an innovation Kohen and his team specifically developed to create a seamless and simplified user experience. 

The founder has been working in the tech industry for years, tracing back to when he was still in high school. Kohen is the founder of NXTGEN and is currently based in Miami, Florida. Growing his portfolio in the tech landscape, the 22-year-old visionary stops at nothing to further propel LinkMe to greater heights and provide the digital landscape with a solution that makes the online experience more worthwhile.

With his vast experience and background in the tech space, Kohen ensured that LinkMe is equipped with all the necessary features to be a reliable companion for anyone looking to strengthen their online presence. The app also uses its unique “Shout” feed algorithm that allows users to broadcast messages, images, and videos to everyone in virtually any part of the globe. The platform’s unique link-in bio option also gives sixers the opportunity to share all social media links in one area. LinkMe also has a direct messaging function, a feature that sets the app apart from its competitors. 

Besides creating a seamless digital experience for their users, Kohen also aims to address the global waste issue by helping people significantly reduce their carbon footprint using a digitized solution to business cards. Studies reveal that 42% of wood harvested globally is processed into paper. Out of the figure, 27 million business cards are printed every day. In a year, that amounts to over seven million trees chopped down or roughly six million hectares of forest lost to deforestation. LinkMe helps prevent the use of such valuable natural resources and simultaneously helps people turn their back on practices that contribute to the global waste crisis. 

LinkMe is currently used by users in over 180 countries. The app also made waves, gained over one million followers on Instagram and landed among the most downloaded apps on App Store’s top charts. Asked where he wants to take the platform moving forward, Kohen shared that he wants to scale the enterprise and turn it into an IPO. However, with his natural leadership skill, the founder also aims to stay true to his mission of directly impacting people’s lives by creating solutions that revolutionize how people share information in today’s heavily modernized world.

Written by Monella