New 1D Track “History” About Zayn Malik?

Get ready for your hearts to be shattered into a million bazillion pieces. Lyrics to a new 1D tune hint at Zayn Malik’s departure.

Coup De Main Magazine are living every One Direction fan’s dream, getting a chance to hear snippets of the band’s new LP “Made In The A.M.” before anyone else. The magazine focused on the final album track “History” which was written by Louis Tomlinson and Liam Payne.

Some lyrics are:

“Keep getting the feeling you wanna leave this all behind.”

“We could be the greatest thing that the world has ever seen!”

“You and me got a whole lot of history, don’t let it go, we could make some more, we could live forever…”

Is your heart beating out of your chest and tears welling up in your eyes?! Ouch.

Liam Payne talked to ABC network in August about a favorite song of his off the new album that reminded him of Toy Story‘s “You Got A Friend”. Could this be it?

Written by CelebMix