Boston’s very own formation Benzmoes unveils new debut album ‘IMMIGRANT,’ bound to prove to everyone that Rock and Roll is not dead. And that is a fact.

With explosive riffs, dark-melodic rock, and roll, Benmozes assembled a 10-track long musical journey through highs and lows, through inner thought processes and societal speculations. On this record, Benmozes confirms they are not just another rock band jamming to no-point nonsense.

The members of Benmozes, vocalist and guitarist Amit Ben-Moshe, lead guitarist Neil O’Connor, bassist Mike Burke, and drummer Cole Calise, create an intense yet meaningful soundscape to questioning rules and standing up to oppression.

‘IMMIGRANT’, being the group’s debut album, does not play around and go straight into it with rebellious calls. Benmozes describe their sound as”mood-altering tunes with roaring guitars and punchy beat.”

Listen to ‘IMMIGRANT’ and see for yourself.

Written by Emma

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