New Music by Sia Is Coming Earlier Than Expected

Well that is a shocker, don’t you think?

After only recently revealing more information about her upcoming music, Sia now unexpectedly announced on her Twitter page that she just “couldn’t wait any longer” until her new music is finally being released. So she casually moved the release date forward by a day.

Yes, you heard correctly. Sia’s new song “Alive” is coming out tomorrow.

Awesome, right? What’s even more awesome is that you can already get a sneak peek of what her new music will sound like as Sia also released a fifteen-seconds teaser of the song on her Vevo account (we inserted the link down below so that you don’t have to look for it on the Internet).

Her upcoming studio album “This is Acting” will be released later in the year. The record will be comprised of songs that Sia originally wrote for other artists but were then declined by the latter (rumour has it, for example, that “Alive” was intended for British pop-singer Adele).

Enjoy the new music and don’t forget to buy “Alive” as soons as it comes out.

Written by Heiko

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