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New Music: Collective Thought Releases Soulful ‘Stars’

Collective Thought just released “Stars,” the second single from their forthcoming album, Rise, slated to drop September 7.

From Austin, Texas, Collective Thought is made up of StormShadow (MC, vocals), Kelly Hafner (vocals), Project Dead (rapper, vocals), Shawn Hallman (bass), Silverback Jonz (guitar, vocals), and Ras Christopher Francis (drums, vocals).

Formed in 2016, Collective Thought’s music fuses pulsating reggae, hip-hop, and soul into a unique sound characterized by stylish riddims and brilliant harmonies. Full of visceral passion, the band’s sound exudes charismatic textures, while their lyrics take on social issues, philosophical and existential questions, racism, sexism, and status.

“The more we listen to each other’s perspectives, the more we can understand each other, and work through the tough realities in front of us, in order to get to a better place,” says the band.

“Stars” is about the growth of humanity’s spiritual essence and perspective, as well as the adversities that stimulate progression. When people move like the stars they are, the big picture comes into focus, allowing them to see and comprehend their significance in the entirety.

“Stars” opens with funk-lite groove, followed by jazzy colors from the synths and compact skiffing guitars. A potent rumbling bassline along with tight and right drums secure the hip-hop rhythm, as warm, oozing vocal textures, silky and smooth like cashmere, saturate the atmosphere. Cool rapping tones enter, imbuing the tune with body-hugging flow. The fusion of velvety timbres with rapid-fire rapping imbues the song with two distinct and remarkably potent sonic surfaces.

The polished, eloquent lyrics present a commitment to development and shared consciousness.

“People change just like the days do / Time and space are known to rearrange you / You gotta move through space like stars.”

With “Stars,” Collective Thought delivers posh flamboyance riding on palpable infectious energy. Collective Thought definitely has it going on!

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Written by Randy

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