New Music For 2018 Russia FIFA World Cup

2018 Russis FIFA World Cup
2018 Russis FIFA World Cup

As the 2018 FIFA World Cup is getting closer to its exciting opening, we have also been receiving new music releases. Every World Cup comes with the promise of not only entertaining games, but also of music that can join the nations watching to sing and dance together. Many artists have been honored to officially release music that remains in the history of the huge event that is the World Cup. This year has been no exception as artists being inspired by the fever of the sport have released their songs.

The songs coming out have to pair well with all the emotions that a huge tournament like the World Cup causes. Shakira with her “Waka Waka (This Time for Africa)” 2010 World Cup official song embodied the feeling of the event, and is still remembered by many as one of the best songs for the World Cup. Many requesting her music each time the World Cup nears.

This year we got a variation of different rhythms as many wanted to dive into the World Cup music playlist. Nicky Jam ft. Will Smith and Albanian vocalist Era Istrefi, released a track named “Live It Up” as an official anthem. The song combines different rhythms that showcases the strengths of each artist. The song was produced by Diplo, and it carries a good flow that can get the body moving.

Columbian singer J Balvin, with Haitian DJ Michael Brun, also joined with a song named “Positivo” which is the official song for TV channel Telemundo who will air the games. The track will get many bodies moving as they eagerly await each game. The vibes of the song resonate well with the emotions created by the sport, as it causes the body to move in excitement just like the sport itself.

Coca-Cola also added their official anthem for this 2018 World Cup. The song is titled “Colors” and it is performed by American singer Jason Derulo. The rhythm of this song is different from the previous two mentioned, but it doesn’t stay behind as it overflows with emotion and connects well with the message the World Cup wants to send out, which is unity. Columbian singer Maluma joins him in a different version of the song, which allows to further this same message.

Besides having different rhythms these songs have one thing is common. All the songs want to embody what the World Cup provokes in so many people, a time in which no matter where you come from we all enjoy the passion that comes with supporting your team. The music released to accompany this special time that so many soccer fans await is important, as it helps express exactly what everyone is feeling.

We believe these songs really show what the World Cup means for many, and that is the beauty of music combined with the passion of the sport. We hope every soccer fan enjoys this year’s World Cup and jam out with these new songs.

Which one is your favorite? Which other World Cup song would you like to share with us? Tell us @CelebMix on Twitter.

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