NEW RELEASE: Stacey Jackson ‘Flipside (Acoustic)’

The incredible powerhouse that is Stacey Jackson presents a new acoustic version of her top-charting single ‘Flipside.’ From what was an 80s pop nostalgia dance anthem, Jackson gives ‘Flipside’ a whole new meaning with sombre piano, cello, and center stage soaring vocals.

For those people who live under the rock, Stacey Jackson is a singer/songwriter, entrepreneur, TV presenter & mother of four. It almost seems like she has a doppelganger looking at her extensive body of work. She can really do it all.

Since her impressive career launch at the age of 40, Stacey Jackson has become an inspiration. On top of her multiple other endeavors, Jackson had a successful debut single that enabled her to release four albums and over a dozen other singles, including ‘Live It Up’ with legendary rapper Snoop Dogg.

Keeping a close eye on the gradual success of Jackson’s single ‘Flipside,’ which encourages taking risks and becoming your own person, it hit No. 1 on the Global Digital Radio chart. Jackson emphasizes the track’s empowering lyrics with this acoustic revival and makes it into a record beyond recognition.

‘Flipside (Acoustic)’ is out now.

Written by Emma

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