NEW SINGLE: Carly Burns ‘Won’t Fall Apart’

There is nothing more magnetic than a catchy melody, hypnotic beat, and lyrics that have the power to make a difference. In this case, Geordie emerging artist Carly Burns won the jackpot with her debut single ‘Won’t Fall Apart.’ 

Now living in London, Carly Burns makes her debut after appearing on ITV’s ‘Walk The Line.’ Like the rest of us and the entire world, Burns has been trapped inside, feeling eager to present years’ long efforts. ‘Won’t Fall Apart’ may be a result of a dark period of Burns’ life, but is also inspired by the strength of letting go. 

For a debut single, Carly makes sure it ticks off all boxes for a pop smash, and it does. The melody mimics the energy of Joel Corry’s ‘Head & Heart’ and Little Mix‘s ‘No.’ Burns tops it off with her signature vocals and lyrics that will speak to the masses. 

‘Won’t Fall Apart’ is only the beginning for the promising pop artist Carly Burns. Tune in to hear more from the vocal powerhouse. 

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Written by Emma

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