NEW SINGLE: Jonny Ong ‘Don’t Wake Me From This Dream’

Once you press play on Jonny Ong’s new vibrant single, ‘Don’t Wake Me From This Dream,’ you won’t be able to resist the addictive instrumentation and lyrics. There are high chances of you leaving on repeat the whole day. 

Jonny Ong is a singer/songwriter, a multi-instrumentalist from Singapore dabbling with the 60s and 70s rock soundscapes and putting his own twist on his early influences, such as The Beatles and The Rolling Stones. Compared to his previous body of work, such as his latest record ‘Isolation,’ with ‘Don’t Wake Me From This Dream,’ Ong seems to be and sound more confident than ever. 

‘Don’t Wake Me From This Dream’ narrates a hopeful, nostalgic return to Ong’s roots. It’s vibrant, catchy, and features Jonny Ong’s best vocals yet. Just wait until the last chorus; you’ll be blown away.

‘Don’t Wake Me From This Dream’ is co-produced by Jony and Scott Knapper, who has credits on records by an eclectic mix of artists, including Deftones, Kano, Yellow Days, and The Overtones. On top, the track has been mastered at the iconic Abbey Road Studios. 

Jonny elaborates more about the single: “For this record, I wanted to take a break from the hand-pan and get back to my roots. I grew up listening to rock bands from the ’60s and ’70s and wanted to make a record inspired by that sound.”

You can listen to ‘Don’t Wake Me From This Dream’ below.

Written by Emma

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