New talent Elliot Horne releases debut single ‘Where Would I Be’

Newcomer Elliot Horne revives the British R&B scene with his debut single ‘Where Would I Be.’ For a 22-year-old, Horne does not hold back and lets people in with vulnerable lyricism, hoping to inspire other young males not to be afraid to open up.

Hailing from Oxfordshire, Elliot Horne has a substantial following that he built over the years with natural charm and knowing his way around social media. With over 1.8 million views on TikTok, Elliot Horne strips back on acoustic car sessions and Harry Styles or Tom Odell covers.

On the one hand, debut releases can be nerve-wracking as you officially introduce yourself into the scene, but in the case of Elliot Horne, it seems like he’s been doing this for years. ‘Where Would I Be’ is fresh, catchy, to the point, and sparks an emotion.

‘Where Would I Be’ is only the beginning, and with the caliber of his debut, Elliot Horne is set to reach the top of the charts as well as speak to the masses.

Stream ‘Where Would I be’ now.

Photo Credit: jakespencerphoto

Written by Emma

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