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The Newest Line-Up For The Jump Has Been Announced

The Jump is expected to return to our television screens some time this February, so we have gathered up everything that you need to know about the upcoming series including who has signed up to take part.

But first, allow us to give you a crash course (pun intended…) on what can be described as one of the most dangerous television shows to ever air. The Jump is a series which follows celebrities as they practice a range of winter sports such as the skeleton, the bobsleigh, the ski-cross, and the slalom. It sounds fairly straight forward but when you think about just how inexperienced the celebrities are and how hazardous some of the challenges actually are, then you begin to understand why the show is such a risk. It makes for some great television but you definitely have to watch it with gritted teeth, and perhaps behind a cushion too!

So who is going to be risking their limbs in the upcoming fourth series of the show?

Made In Chelsea star Spencer Matthews, The Only Way Is Essex’s Lydia Rose Bright, singer Jake Quickenden, Caprice, Olympic gymnast Louis Smith, Gareth Thomas, Bradley Wiggins, Jason Robinson, Vogue Williams, Olympic taekwondo champion Jade Jones, Big Brother star Josie Gibson, Robbie Fowler, Mark Dolan, Paralympic medalist Kadeena Cox, and Emma Parker Bowles have all agreed to take part in the upcoming series.

The concept of the show is that the celebrities will be put into groups and will compete against each other in a series of sporting challenges. At the end of every show the two celebrities with the slowest times will have to face the dreaded jump, also known as the biggest and scariest ski slope you have ever seen. The celebrity who jumps the furthest or the highest will live to compete another week but their opponent will be eliminated  from the competition immediately.

Fans of The Jump will be happy to know that Davina McCall has signed on to host the new series of the show but even she was surprised that it was given the go-ahead after the toe-curling injuries that last year’s celebrities had to endure. In a recent interview, she said, “I was amazed it was renewed. I didn’t think we would be able to get people back on it but celebrities apparently still want to do the show which is great. They’re amazing.”

We wish this year’s celebrities all of the luck in the world. We hope that they enjoy their time in the snow and we hope that they pick up some new skills, but we also pray that they finish the show in one piece.

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Written by Zoe Adams

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