NEXT UP: Allegra ‘He Ain’t You’

There’s not much more that a fan could want than their favourite artist regularly pushing out new music. Fans of the British up-and-coming pop-star Allegra will be over the moon when they hear she has yet another phenomenal new single to come out. After the dazzling release of ‘If You Wanna Love Me’, Allegra is back again with her latest single ‘He Aint You’, out on the 14th of April.

He Aint You’ is a captivating mid-tempo track that pulls at the heartstrings evoking memories of lovers gone by. Putting to the side the big party anthems and dance beats Allegra is all too familiar with. She opts for a much slower more intimate single. Delving into the romanticisation of unforgotten feelings from a past relationship, ‘He Aint You’ illustrates a much more sincere and vulnerable side to Allegra. 

He Aint You’ poses as a coming of age single for Allegra. It illuminates the confidence and creativity the young pop star has to offer. With an already established arsenal of distinctive anthems, the maturing artist is proving to everyone out there that time and time again she is a name to watch out for. 

Having started out as a classically trained multi-instrumentalist, music is a passion that has followed this young pop star throughout her whole life. Having always sung and danced in front of her family at gatherings, Allegra has come a long way to be the regular No. 2 chart smashing artist she is today. She also has a long way to go before her name is up in the books of the pop legends she used to idolise like Saturdays, Beyonce and Alicia Keys, but as long as she keeps producing sensational tracks like ‘He Ain’t You’ who knows what could happen.

Written by Emma

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