Nia Imani: Our Exclusive Chat

Nia Imani has conquered Broadway and television; with a new song and album out soon, we got to chat to Nia on it all!

Young Nala on Broadway is such an iconic role! What did you take away from it?
Definitely the work ethic! Working on Broadway several hours a day for 6 days a week really prepared me for future endeavors.

We got a smarty pants here, you graduated at 15! Is college on your radar?
Absolutely! I’ve been too busy to be on campus but I’m looking into taking some online courses for music theory.

“Ruthless” just came out on July 18. What has the response been?
The response has been great! I’ve gotten so many great reviews from fans and friends. It means the world to me that people are enjoying what I’ve been working on.

We love your sound! Who are your biggest inspirations?
Thank you! My biggest inspirations right now would have to be Sia, Lorde, Halsey, and The Weeknd.

Nia Imani: Our Exclusive Chat 2

Tell us about your upcoming EP “Luv, Drugs, & Other Stuff”.
Luv, Drugs, & Other Stuff is a conversation that I’m having with the people of my generation. In the language of music, I wanna talk about our experiences and the things we experiment with and let them know that they’re not alone and that there’s a lesson in everything.

Do we have a release date set?
Yes! Our official release date is September 23.

Signed at age 10 as a songwriter and music publisher, woah! What would you say is the best thing you have ever written?
I think the best song I’ve written is one I wrote when I was 15 called Pain Killers. I was going through some health issues that inspired the song, but you’d never know because of the usage of metaphors which I think makes it insanely catchy.

Nia Imani: Our Exclusive Chat 1

You were on ABC’s Last Man Standing! Are you up to doing more acting in the future?
Absolutely! Acting is one of the top things I LOVE to do. I’m always auditioning and looking for that next big project that I can be apart of.

Last one, dream artist to duet with?
Sia, hands down!! I am in love with her and her music. It would be an honor to record with her one day.

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Written by CelebMix