Is Niall Horan Collaborating With Jimmy Fallon?

It is always a treat when any of the 1D boys goes to visit Jimmy Fallon. After all, Jimmy is the reason we got the iconic 1D version of ‘Santa Claus is Coming to Town’. He has also proven is immensely talented singing capabilities on his show. So what if he and a 1D member were to ever collaborate?

Niall Horan and Jimmy Fallon may not have OFFICIALLY collaborated on a song (or maybe they have and we just don’t know it yet) but they did collab on Jimmy’s Instant Song Challenge.

The challenge consists of both Niall and Jimmy picking song titles from a fish bowl. Then they both have to instantly create a song, with music included, that reflects the title of the song. The song titles were created by fans and we are pretty impressed with how good Niall and Jimmy are at improvising songs! The friendship between the two is prominent and Niall’s laugh is so infectious that it’s hard not to laugh along.

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Written by CelebMix