Niall Horan is up for his First Solo People’s Choice Award

Niall Horan has been an unstoppable force since the release of his first solo single earlier this year. ‘This Town’ became an immediate hit with fans of One Direction and with non-fans alike. The tune is smooth, his voice is soft but demands attention, and the message hits home with everyone. He truly knew what he was doing when he picked his debut single.

It seems that the industry agrees with Niall because he’s been on television, radio, and even award shows in the short time since he premiered ‘This Town’ to the world and he is showing no signs of slowing down. In addition to performances and an insane amount of Twitter love, Niall is also nominated for his first solo People’s Choice award for Breakout Artist this year!

The award is the second he’s up for on his own – Niall was nominated as a hopeful for #MTVStars earlier this month – and he’s taken it all in stride so far.  In the interviews he’s done so far he’s managed to both support the band he is still very much a part of but also tried to bring a sense of ‘now’ to his current project and the fact that this is something he’s very passionate about.  Niall being nominated for a People’s Choice Award pretty much cements that fans are taking his solo project seriously and giving him the credit he deserves.  This is his time to shine, discover a type of music he couldn’t truly dig into during One Direction, and to get life experience which he’ll use to fuel his own passions and also bring back when the boys return from their hiatus.

The Breakout Artist Award is something that Niall perfectly fits the definition for, and while the other contenders in the category are all absolutely incredible pics as well – one of those nominees is former One Direction member, Zayn – it’s easy to see why so many people on social media are already picking Niall as their top contender.

So whether you use your votes from your phone and your laptop to vote for him twice, spread them out between both Niall and Zayn, or pick someone completely different – voting is easy and open now. Just go here to find all of the categories and pick your favorites from each!

We wish Niall luck on his first People’s Choice Nomination and we know he’s more humble than ever as he sees the support from all of us. Way to go Niall, you deserve it.

Written by Ashley

Writer, coffee drinker, mother.