Niall Horan Performs ‘Slow Hands’ on The Voice Kids Finale Show

Niall Horan is the talk of the music industry right now, and with good reason. He announced that fans can expect an album by the end of the year, he has two incredible songs circulating pop radio, and many of the tour dates for his first solo world tour ‘Flicker Sessions’ sold out within 60 seconds.

Niall is living the dream, and he made some dreams come true as he performed ‘Slow Hands’ on the finale of The Voice Kids on Sunday night, leaving an audience roaring in applause and fans back stage incredibly happy.

The performance went down flawlessly, as is to be expected with Niall. He loves being on stage, he thrives there, and with each summer radio show performance and his spots on television shows – you can see the excitement in his eyes when he’s in front of a crowd.

His talent, but also his confidence, helped make the transition from performing as One Direction to taking it solo an easy transition for Niall.

‘Slow Hands’ is one of our favorite songs this year, and we can’t wait to hear what else Niall has in store for us soon. With no official release date for his album yet, we do expect it soon because his tour kicks off within weeks, and we are beyond ready for more songs.

Did you catch the performance of ‘Slow Hands’ last night? What did you think of it? Let us know.

Written by Ashley

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