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Nick Jonas named Miss America’s Music Curator

Nick Jonas is returning to Miss America, but stepping into a new role. The “Levels” singer has hosted, performed, and serenaded then-girlfriend Miss Universe Olivia Culpo, but this time, he returns to the pageant scene as music curator.

What does this mean exactly?

Nick will be responsible for picking which songs will play during the Swimsuit and Evening Gown portions of the night. In addition, he will provide commentary, giving the viewers an insight into why he picked each song.

Having taken up roles such as music and creative director for Demi Lovato and producer for other artists, Nick knows what he’s talking about. His musical knowledge combined with his history with the competition makes him the perfect person for the job.

“I’m pretty familiar with this world now — the legacy, the approach you have to take when thinking about what role music plays in that show, how important it is for the whole night,” Nick said following the announcement. “It’s a really special time for these women in their lives, and you want to do all you can to make it something special and a great night.”

He told Yahoo TV he was going to be cautious about adding too much of his own work, but said viewers — and competitors — can expect “everyone from Sam Hunt to Jason Derulo.”

Nick’s musical choices will come to life during the Miss America competition, airing Sept. 13 at 9 p.m. on ABC.

Written by CelebMix