Nicky Romero New Single “PRTCL” Featuring Spyder For Protocol Recordings’ 100th Release

As 2018 fully encompasses us all, music has decided to saturate us with a tonne of new singles this week, and here is another one. Nicky Romero has released “PRTCL” in collaboration with Spyder. This will mark Protocol Recordings’ 100th release, the record label owned by this world-renowned DJ.

The label was found in 2012 by this Dutch DJ and he has signed a whole host of popular and rising talent. He, himself, kickstarted it all off with the label’s very first release, titled “WTF!?”, which was a collaboration with ZROQ; now, for their 100th release, he has dropped “PRTCL” with Spyder. We are so loving the theme of the capital letters, and we can’t wait to see if he follows it through for their next milestone.

Protocol Recordings have established themselves in the electronic music industry, helping to shape the music genre with new talent and established artists. Nicky Romero continues to prove he is a DJ that is extremely current and up-to-date with modern music. “PRTCL” is definitely a testament to that.

Listen To Nicky Romero’s “PRTCL” Featuring Spyder Here:

Throwing it back, production-wise, to his early recordings that made Nicky Romero the influential DJ he is today; “PRTCL” really allows him to re-establish his stamp in EDM. Teaming up with Spyder, who is known for “Waterman” and “Like Dis” with Olav Basoski, brings a high-energy track with some awesome dance-raging vocals.

This is bound to be a complete hit at any Nicky Romero show. Its crazy addictive groove is what makes this a total dancefloor smash; one we can see being added to various DJ sets around the world. The song is available to download and stream right now.

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(Featured Image Credit: Marte Visser)

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