Promotional photo for "Chapters" which sees a dark photo of Nicu Romero looking towards the right.
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Nicky Romero releases melodic progressive house anthem “Chapters” after nearly a year of teasing his fans

We all love a good tease, and top DJ Nicky Romero knows exactly how to build anticipation and he proves just that with his new single “Chapters”. The song has quickly become a fan favourite, and it’s not a surprise since he’s been teasing the track by including it in his sets, for nearly a year, now, but it’s finally here! This is the follow-up to his three-track single of remixes for the track “Turn Off The Lights”.

Nicky Romero, real name Nick Rotteveel, is a Dutch DJ who is world-renowned. He’s mostly known for his international collaborative hit with Avicii, titled “I Could Be The One” as well as the previous single release with NERVO titled “Like Home”. He has his own successful record label, known as Protocol Records, which has signed a number of big and rising electronic artists including Calvin Harris, CID, Amba Shepherd, Don Diablo, Vicetone, R3hab, Hardwell, and Nile Rodgers, amongst many more. He is one of the top people in the EDM industry and continues to prove why he is iconic every single year.

Watch the official lyric video to “Chapters” by Nicky Romero here:

Written by Albert Harvey, Charles Martin, Dom Lui, Joe Housley, Nicholas Lamb, Nick Rotteveel, Robin Sherpa, and Sean McDonagh, and it has been produced by the artist himself, “Chapters” is an addictive progressive house number that is determined to get stuck in ones’ mind. He originally debuted the track at Tomorrowland 2022, and fans have been going crazy for its official release. “Chapters” takes the listener on a journey, starting off with cinematic beats as the first verse sets the scene, with those undeniably soulful vocals. The track transforms becoming a high-energy melody that follows through to each chorus, adding major build-up for an exhilarating drop like no other. Truly iconic once again, “Chapters” is now officially out and right on time for festival season, expect to hear this on DJ sets, as the addicting rhythm, emotional vocals, and the incredible drop, is surely going to make a brilliant impact.

Stream the addicting new single on Spotify here:

“Chapters”, by Nicky Romero, is available to download and stream, right now, across all platforms, via Protocol Recordings.

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